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recent commercial real
estate Loans closed

As of October 30, 2018 (updated every quarter)

Acquisition Financing
10-year hybrid

40,753 SF Industrial Property
San Diego, CA 
November 2018

This was a 66% loan to cost with a 12 month interest only period period to allow customer to perform tenant improvements on the property. The property was 89% occupied at the time of purchase. Our customer is a reputable value-add real estate fund that that owns and manages over 1.4 million SF. Loan was closed in 34 days.

Cash Out Refinance
7-year fixed loan

Portfolio of 3 MFR Properties
San Diego, CA 
October 2018

Our customer had bought the MFR properties in the late 90s and wanted to recapitalize investors. Silvergate provided a $2.1 million cash out and a non-recourse loan due to the ownership structure of the customer. Our loan represented less than 50% LTV. Loan was closed in 41 days.

Acquisition financing
10-year loan (reset at year 6)

80,462 SF Office
Santa Fe Springs, CA 
September 2018

Total purchase price was $12.6 million and Silvergate financed 66% of the purchase. Our loan features the option to prepay up to 20% of the principal balance without any fees. Customer is an experienced developer and a high net worth individual. Loan was closed in 38 days.

Purchase of a pool of
multifamily, performing loans

18 loans
Average loan of $916,000
All performing loans
September 2018

Silvergate purchased a portfolio performing, multifamily loans from a regional bank. The weighted average LTV was 48% and the DSCR was 1.54 times. Primarily located in Northern California, the average seasoning of the loans was 3 months. Portfolio was purchased in 34 days.

Loan Features

Loans available up to $24 million
3-, 5- and 7-year fixed loan options
Award winning service and customer care
Step down prepayment, no yield maintenance
Out of the box, customized term and structure
45 day rate-locks available, no extra cost
Interest only and non recourse options available - on a case by case basis
No loan origination fee, no lender fee

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