If you found this webpage, you probably read one of my articles on Seeking Alpha or Investing.com. Or, perhaps, we met at a real estate or financial services conference and you googled my name. I am glad you are here one way or another. But before we go any further, I would like to explain what this website is about. First, let me emphasize what it is not. 

The website is not, in any way, shape or form, designed to encourage you to participate in the stock market, nor to entice you to invest your money in real estate. You and I are likely to be materially different in terms of our return objectives and risk tolerance – which in plain English means that I may purchase a specific stock that may be entirely unsuitable for you. 

I also don’t claim to have particular knowledge or skill in stock picking, nor do I think I can help you to retire comfortably. In short, I am not a financial advisor and this is not a financial advisory website.

So what is it? This is my personal journey in stock and real estate investing. I have spent most of my 20’s reading textbooks about economics, accounting and finance (and some history and philosophy textbooks, but that is besides the point I am trying to make). I also sat in a large number of lectures and seminars about investing and management theory when I attended graduate school.

But I lacked experience in both equity and real estate investing because (1) I was not smart enough to save money so that I could participate in the U.S. stock market, and (2) I was too busy reading what other people were doing and studying their lessons learned. And the more I studied, the more I realized I needed to learn more. This cycle continued for about a decade.

Now in my mid-30’s, I have accumulated little savings that allow me to test investment ideas in the stock market. Using the website as an investing canvas, I write about stocks I purchased and discuss investment topics that I find interesting. I also track the performance of my portfolio of stocks. For the next two or three years, I will continue to write and update articles as long as I get a sense that it is useful for you, the reader. Let me define what I mean by “useful” in the following paragraph.

Something, a website in our particular case, is useful when it helps you to achieve something. For one reader, that something may be a deeper sense of how humbling of an experience stock investing can be (read the article What Rait Financial Taught Me). For another reader, that “something” may be an ability to mimic and improve the principles and methods of stock investing. 

Whatever it is that you are looking to achieve, by reading about my experiences in the stock market, you will get an additional perspective and a point of view that is very different from what you will read in traditional investment magazines and journals.

Here are a few examples of how my investing actions are different. I have purchased stocks on the basis of how user- friendly the company’s investor relations section was; I valued two companies differently on the basis of how long the common socks had traded; and I kept a few stock positions (that had lost a significant value) in my portfolio just to remind myself of the consequences when I purchase a position in a rash, careless manner. 

On the other side of the coin, I have sold positions in stocks because the company had filed its 10-k return in tardiness; or because management had spoken in a corporate mannerism that I couldn’t understand. In summary, I am somewhat of an outsider to the industry and some would argue to normal life in general.     

Most importantly, you will gain an additional perspective on investing without having to use your own funds. 

I look forward to seeing you on the other side. 

Noam Ganel

San Diego, California

P.S – this website is a work in progress. You may find grammatical errors (my mother tongue is Hebrew which is an excuse I plan to use for eternity), broken links, typos, and god forbid, illogical arguments. If you come across any of those, please write to me, I promise to replay and to address the issue. 

Okay. Let's go!